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32pp, color

8.5in x 10.75in
Juvenile Nonfiction:  Science & Nature

5 to 11
September 2018







Age Range:



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Animal Antipodes

By Carly Allen-Fletcher

If you dug a hole all the way to the other side of the earth, where would you be? What animals would you see?

    “This ingenious book blends geography with zoology in a fetching way that enchanted me from the front cover to its antipode at the back. I am hooked!”
    — David Schwartz, author of How Much is a Million? and G is for Googol

    “When we talk about ‘digging to China,’ we are speculating on where the antipode is from where we stand. Not only did I learn a new word and the surprise awaiting if you were to dig through to the other side, but this book’s illustrations, facts, and brilliance quite literally wowed me to my core!”
    — Jesica Sweedler DeHart, Wandering Bookseller and librarian at Neill Public Library

    “An engaging nonfiction picture book with vibrant colors, unique text structure, and playful concept to make the subject matter easy to understand.”
    — JoEllen McCarthy, Literacy Leader and
Educator Collaborative Book Ambassador

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