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32pp, color

7.75in x 7.75in
Juvenile Fiction: Imagination & Play
3 to 5
April 2016


Busy Busy

By Lucy Scott


"Busy, busy, fun, fun!"
        -Kirkus Reviews

"In Doodle Diary of a New Mom, Scott documented some of parenthood's more challenging moments...In her first children's book, she shows why all that effort is worth it. Parents are nowhere in sight as a toddler with floppy brown hair, peach skin, and gray overalls recounts her "busy busy day" in narration that gives a strong sense of the largeness of the girl’s imaginative world. "I built a city!" she announces as her stuffed animals perch on tall towers of blocks. "I cooked lunch for ten!" she says while she stirs pots in her play kitchen before a crowd of plush toys. The artwork is lovely from start to finish; Scott’s illustrations have a delicacy and precision reminiscent of Helen Oxenbury's work. Telling, true-to-life details, such as the row of pillows serving as a path across "a river full of crocodiles" and the cat retreating from the cacophony of the child's one-girl band, will resonate with children and parents alike."
        -Publishers Weekly

"Busy Busy! is a mind-boggling portrait of a day in the life of an active, imaginative, creative, especially busy toddler. The warmly detailed color illustrations reveal exactly how challenging keeping up with such a busy child can be! Kids will adore picking out the telling details in every page...Busy Busy! is absolutely top notch for children's bedtime reading (and incidentally parent survival manual) kudos. 
        -Midwest Book Review

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