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Dusty Dabbert: The Secret Animal Kingdom

By Piet Wijn

Illustrated by Thom Roep

Dusty stumbles into a hidden world where animals live in harmony, ruled by a wise frog. Dusty travels through the countryside, helping all those he meets with his magical knapsack, which mysteriously contains exactly what he needs for any circumstance. When human intruders try to turn the animals into a circus act, Dusty has to figure out a way to bring back the kingdom's peace. Humor and lively details bring this fairy tale world to life. The Dutch equivalent of Asterix, these beloved popular graphic novels are available in the U.S. for the first time ever.

“One of the greatest joys of graphic novels is entering a fully realized world. Dusty is one of those books — one part Alice in Wonderland and two parts Asterix.” — Ian Lendler, author of The Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue graphic novels

“Can kindness and a magical knapsack defeat an evil villain with a dastardly plan?

While on his way to investigate a mysterious mountain, small, round, white-bearded Dusty Dabbert is kidnapped by the dastardly Carl Craven and his bumbling toady. Luckily, Dusty is rescued and taken to the Valley of Bam, a hidden paradise populated by clothed, talking animals. Peace among species is ensured by a strict law forbidding carnivorous behavior. Unfortunately, Craven and his lackey find the valley and stir up rebellion by introducing the wolves to the mouthwatering joys of meat; they have an eye toward enslaving the animals in a circus. Can Dusty and his magical knapsack save the day? Originally published in the Netherlands in t he late 1970s, this new English-language edition features Moss’ snappy translation. Filled with familiar archetypes and slapstick humor, the classic good-versus-evil story features a name-calling scoundrel and a protagonist with a heart of gold. Full-color illustrations and tight linework are reminiscent of Asterix comics. . . A satisfying fantasy adventure that follows a familiar formula to a triumphant conclusion. (Graphic fantasy. 8-12)”

— Kirkus Reviews






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48pp, color

8 3/4in x 11in
Juvenile Fiction: Comics & Graphic Novels
6 to 11
April 2021


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