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32pp, color

8in x 8in
Juvenile Fiction:  Humorous Stories

3 to 7
May 2018







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    "When Will, a sheep, pushes his presumably older sibling, Olive, out of her chair more times than she can count, Olive decides that "Enough is enough!" and tells Will that she wants to be alone for a while. "How do you know when enough is enough?" Will asks, now sitting comfortably on the chair. "I just know," says Olive, and she tears a hole in the page (of the book readers are holding), escaping into a green meadow in the next page. When Will follows her—"You forgot your book!"—she suggests he look at the pictures while she's away, assuring him that she will read to him when she gets back from her "alone time." Olive then goes from one page to the next, (literally) enjoying her "space" and "time" alone as she floats through outer space, swims with some fish, and walks across a tight rope. When it gets "Almost too quiet," Olive misses Will and goes back through the hole in the page, back to the chair in the living room, to read to him. Saltzberg uses simple bold type and cartoonlike images to dramatize an all-too-familiar sibling dynamic that, refreshingly, evolves to a state in which both siblings are equally considerate of the other's wishes. This sweet story will help young readers recognize their own needs—for space, time, and a good book."

    —Kirkus Reviews 

Enough is Enough!

By Barney Saltzberg

Everyone has “enough is enough!” moments. In Barney Saltzberg’s take on this familiar sibling dynamic, all it takes is some time, space, and a good book to bring everyone back together again.

    “Enough is Enough is a tender, humorous, and wise book that will help children recognize their own needs. It guides kids to both pursue their own space and learn to share it.”
    —Barbara Bottner, award-winning author of
Bootsie Barker Bites

    “Imaginative and engaging, Saltzberg’s innovative storytelling is the kind of children’s book that brings readers back for more. When it comes to our kids’ reading, enough is never enough.”
    —John Trischitti III, Texas Library Association Librarian of the Year

    “I LOVE this sweet and hilarious book! Barney Saltzberg never fails to crack me up!”
    —Peggy Rathmann, Caldecott-winning author

    "Every brother and sister has "enough is enough" moments. In the picture book pages of "Enough is Enough!", author and illustrator Barry Saltzberg, offers a creative solution for how to stop a fight by exploring space, time, and the pleasures of a good story read together. Delightfully and charmingly entertaining from beginning to end, "Enough is Enough!" is an ideal and unreservedly recommended addition to family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library picture book collections for children ages 4 to 7."

    —Midwest Book Review 

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