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40pp, color

7.25in x 8.5in
Juvenile Nonfiction: Social Issues/Friendship
7 to 12 

Fall 2013


How to Be Human: Diary of an Autistic Girl
By Florida Frenz

With powerful words and pictures Florida chronicles in her notebook her journey to figure out how to read facial expressions, how to make friends, how to juggle all the social cues that make school feel like a complicated maze. Diagnosed with autism as a three-year-old, Florida is now an articulate 15-year-old whose explorations into how kids make friends, what popularity means, how to handle peer pressure will resonate with any pre-teen. For those wondering what it's like inside an autistic child's head, Florida's book provides amazing insight and understanding. Reading how she learns how to be human makes us all feel a little less alien.

"A distinctive addition to the chorus of writers who are proving that "spectrum disorders" do not equal "silence."" 
        -Kirkus Reviews

"This astute and unique book pulls readers into a world beyond their own. The author's ability to take them along, devoid of self-pity, is refreshing. She bridges the divide and paints a picture of the value of communication, contributes to public awareness, and celebrates her achievements." 
        -School Library Journal

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