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165pp, B&W

5.5in x 7.5in
Juvenile Fiction: Fantasy & Magic
8 to 12
September 2016






Age Range:



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Jack Death

By M.L. Windsor

Jack is an ordinary boy except that his father happens to be Death. Nadine is a perfectly normal girl except that her Mother is – oh well, that's a Secret and not to be carelessly revealed on the back cover of a book. The important thing is that together, these two incredibly average children discover the lemon-headed villain behind the destruction of the Magical Creature Reserve and piece together his plot to divide the Golden and Black Bloods. They may even save a few lives.


"This tale has a humorous narrator, one of Death’s minions, whose wit and humor rival that of Lemony Snicket. Though the plot features a lot of violent action and death, it is not overly bloody or gory. The book has elements of the “Percy Jackson” series and the macabre atmosphere of a Neil Gaiman story throughout. Fans of Roald Dahl will appreciate some of the tongue-in-cheek elements at play. References to totalitarianism may well be useful for instruction as well. VERDICT: A fun novel with a great sense of humor, a tantalizing mystery, and easily relatable characters. A fine choice for most middle grade collections."

        -School Library Jounral

"Death's 10-year-old son and a risky new friend take on a cabal of genocidal racists in this lighthearted debut...Comfortably familiar and well-executed series tropes make this funny romp one readers will want a sequel to.”

        -Kirkus Reviews

"An original, entertaining, deftly crafted fantasy novel by M. L. Windsor, Jack Death is very highly recommended for school and community library Fantasy Fiction collections, as well as the personal reading lists for children ages 8 to 12 and in grades 2 through 7.”

        -Midwest Book Review

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