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32pp, color

10in x 10in
Juvenile Nonfiction:  Biography

8 to 14
March 2019







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    "A powerful presentation of comparative experiences of oppression and persecution, told through real-life heroes Martin Luther King, Jr. and Anne Frank. The two lived on different continents, unknown to one another, yet both offered inspiring hope despite suffering through two of the 20th century's most horrific and tragic times. I would have welcomed this thought- and emotion-provoking story when I taught my 8th grade human rights' literary unit, connecting The Diary of a Young Girl with various literary works from the American Civil Rights Movement."

    — Jennifer Moore, Assoc. Professor, School of Library and Information Studies, Texas Woman's University

  “Nancy weaved together a stunning picture book biography that celebrates the theme that love is stronger than hate. The illustrations by Yevgenia are soft and beautiful. The back of the book has a timeline of both Martin and Anne which gives readers more information about them. This is a perfect nonfiction text to share in the classroom or at home.”

    — Picture Books 4 Learning


    “The time for Martin & Anne is right now, and their parallel story can be a valuable, satisfying addition to school, library, and home bookshelves.”

    — Gary Anderson, Goodreads

Martin & Anne:

The Kindred Spirits of Dr. Martin

Luther King, Jr. and Anne Frank

By Nancy Churnin

Illustrated by Yevgenia Nayberg

    They seem to be from different worlds, different lifetimes, but they were born the same year, 1929. Across the ocean, they faced similar racial hatreds and reacted to that hate with words of love, reaching out to build understanding rather than divisiveness. Martin & Anne tells their inspiring stories, encouraging all of us to choose kindness whenever we can.

Northern Lights Book Award Winner

Notable Book for a Global Society

Watch Daniel Yearwood of Broadway's Hamilton read Martin & Anne aloud

    "As the teenage diarist and civil rights leader stand together, the timeless, powerful themes they heralded form the conclusion: 'Love is stronger than hate. Kindness can heal the world.'"

    — Publishers Weekly


    “A surprisingly successful and enlightening combination strengthened by striking artwork.” (Picture book/biography. 5-9)

    — Kirkus Reviews


    "With foresight, the emphasis is on recognizing and resisting the threat of bigotry in all its forms and in nurturing the bonds of our common humanity."

    — Susan Faust, San Francisco Chronicle


    "These peacekeepers’ goodwill messages burst to life in a heartfelt book with bold, sleek illustrations by artist Yevgenia Nayberg."

    — Emissourian, March Book Buzz Picks


    “The variety of Nayberg’s images balances the simplicity of Churnin’s message, adding depth to this story of unvarying optimism which concludes, “Love is stronger than hate. Kindness can heal the world.”

    — Emily Schneider, Jewish Book Council


    “This is an important book, and even though it’s not explicitly stated, Hitler’s policy of exclusion of Jews from daily public life was based on the discrimination and Jim Crow laws that existed in the US at that time. It’s a perfect addition to any school library and a wonderful read aloud to children of all ages.”

    — Pamela Kramer, Six Fabulous Picture Books to Celebrate Black History Month

    "What a powerful picture book! The story and illustrations are inspirational, beautifully relaying to readers of all ages Dr. King’s and Anne Frank’s uplifting messages of hope and social justice."

    — Trudy Ludwig, bestselling author of The Invisible Boy

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