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212pp, B&W

5.5in x 7.5in
Juvenile Fiction: Humorous Stories
7 to 12
May 2017



By Denys Cazet


    Strange gurgling noised in pipes start a rumor about creatures popping up in sinks and hiding in toilets. Somehow these rumors grow into secrets about teachers, including the school principal, Ms.Krunchensnap, who’s said to be an ex-mud-wrestling champion.

    When Russell makes a deal with the muscle- flexing principal that he’ll find her stolen wrestling trophy, provide her with a worthy opponent for the bout of the century, and clear his name from the dreaded “bad behavior” list, what could go wrong? Given Russell’s reputation and luck, plenty!

    Another spectacular silly story from the master of 4th-grade humor, Denys Cazet. His wry, droll tone gives Russell an irresistible voice as he tries to keep himself and his friends out of trouble, though rumor has it, that’s impossible!

    In this time of fake and real news, rumors taking on the solidity of facts, this book offers a humorous look at how lies can take on a life of their own. Download the curriculum guide to help your reader figure out how to sift through outlandish claims. Critical thinking has never been more essential - and with this book, more fun!

    “I want, NEED a sequel to Rumors!!! It is HYSTERICAL. I love the voice and tone and the relationships with family, friends and school. Middle School can be a rough time, this book is the remedy!”
    — Marla Conn, ReadAbility

    "Ms. Krunchensnap is a champion mud wrestler in addition to being principal and someone has stolen one of her many trophies! Meanwhile, there’s a snake-like monster in the pipes that appears to be sucking down victims one by one. In a failed attempt to stop the monster, Russell and his friends are caught in the girls’ bathroom and suddenly everyone is in major trouble with Krunchensnap. To rectify the situation, they attempt to locate the stolen property and set up a major mud wrestling match for their principal. If this sounds ridiculous, that’s because it is. Even the chapter titles - some telling, some absurd - are frequently on the nose. Illustrations at the beginning of each chapter are simple but effective in assisting the reader along the way. This is an over-the-top, easy read that is often hilarious and will leave students wanting more. Thankfully for them, an epilogue makes a compelling case for a sequel."

    — Joel Shoemaker, Library Director, Oakwood (Illinois) Public Library District

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