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32pp, color

8.5in x 11in
Juvenile Fiction: Legends, Myths, Fables/African
4 to 9
April 2016







Age Range:



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The Girl Who Saved Yesterday

By Julius Lester

Illustrated by Carl Angel

 When the girl, Silence, is sent by the trees to save Yesterday, she doesn't know what her task is, only that it is important. Returning to the village that cast her out, Silence recognizes her purpose: to join the dead with the living in an act that celebrates their memory. 

        "The Girl Who Saved Yesterday is a powerful, poetic fable that continually erupts from its paper pages of living images and tender, reverent deep thoughts...A thrilling wedding of images and narrative inspires the reader to rise to the powerful visions conveyed in The Girl Who Saved Yesterday. The Girl Who Saved Yesterday breaks barriers, boundaries, and expectations and leaps beyond to a space where all things have meaning and deserve to be loved. It is a soul-enlarging journey.
        -Midwest Book Review

        "In this age of automaticity, electronic immediacy, and carpe diem, this book delivers a rare exultation: remember the Ancestors...A powerful tale that should help children of all ages embrace the fact that dead does not have to mean gone. (Picture book. 4-9)" 
        -Starred Review, Kirkus

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