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5.5in x 7.5in
YA/Thrillers & Suspense

13 and up
May 2018







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In The Margins Award Shortlist

Bank Street Books Best Children's Books of the Year 2019

    “This portrayal of a smart, motivated teen who lives in an ugly, violent world feels so real that it is a terrifying, heartbreaking read. I felt invested in and cared about what happened to Andrea and her friends. Other readers will, as well.”
    —Stephanie Bange, Children’s Literature Consultant

    "This is textbook-contemporary YA, but it feels fresh under Palmer's expert writing. There are no wasted words, and the mounting events will keep readers on the edge of their seats as they cheer on the protagonist and cringe from the horrendous situations she experiences. VERDICT An excellent selection for YA shelves."

    —Rachel Reinwald, Lake Villa District Library, IL School Library Journal   

All Out of Pretty

By Ingrid Palmer


        When things with her mom’s boyfriend take a darker turn than she can bear, Andrea devises a plan to save herself. But freedom may cost her everything—and everyone—she cares about…

      “An amazing read, full of heart and nail-biting suspense! Andrea’s a smart, tough 16 year-old, but can she survive her mom’s dangerous, drug-filled world? This book had me on the edge of my seat until the very last word.”
    —Jane Bramly, Hicklebee’s Children’s Books

     “A raw, heart-wrenching story about all kinds of pretty in life. You won’t be able to put it down until the very last page.”
    —Alison Gervais, author of In 27 Days

    "After the death of her grandmother, Andrea fights to survive a violent life with her addict mother. Sixteen-year-old Andrea lives quietly with her grandmother, putting all her energy into academic achievement. If she can get a full scholarship to college, she can escape the shadow of her estranged, drug-addicted mother, Ayla. But when Gram suddenly passes away, Ayla resurfaces to claim custody. Andrea, a pretty, white girl whose light blue eyes are the envy of her peers, gets used to Ayla partying all night, spending all their money, and taking financial advantage of men. When they’re evicted, a white man named Judd lets them move in on the condition that Andrea earns her keep helping with household chores and his drug-running business. The slightest misstep leads to physical punishment. Andrea tries to keep her head down and focus on school, but she stumbles into new friendships that put her and those she cares about at risk. She can’t let anyone get close now; all she can do is try to survive—and she will do anything to survive. Andrea’s constant abuse is heartbreaking, and her complicated relationship with Ayla is well-wrought. Though her struggles are hard to read about, Andrea is both flawed and fierce enough to pull readers through them with her. An achingly realistic portrait of abuse and addiction."

    —Kirkus Reviews

       “Raw and unforgettable. What combination of love, bravery, and cowardice keeps Andrea walking this harsh path alone? It’s impossible not to root for her. I loved being inside of this book!”

    —Ann Seaton, Northern California Independent Booksellers Association

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