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Hardcover                      Paperback


190pp, B&W                  190pp, B&W

6.5in x 8.5in                   6in x 9in
Juvenile Fiction: Animals/Cows
6 to 11 

Spring 2014

$15.95                            $10.99

Mini and Moo: Hooves of Fire
By Denys Cazet


It's a perfect day for the First Annual Hoot, Holler, and Moo Talent Festival. The sun is shining in a warm autumn sky and the stage is set. Mr. and Mrs. Farmer are away on vacation, Minnie and Moo are dressed in their togas, Elvis has his bagpipe, the hyenas their jokes, the fox his magic tricks, the sheep a protest poem, and the cash box is stuffed with money from ticket sales. 
A perfect day. 
Wait a minute. . . 
Where is the cash box? Why are those coyotes on motorcycles? And who pushed those port-a-potties down the hill? 

"The two funniest, most winsome cows on the early-reading circuit have to be Minnie and Moo, always ready to engage any situation with a mixture of slapstick (Moo), sangfroid (Minnie), and a comical use of language." 
        -Starred Review, Kirkus Reviews

         Kirkus Best Children's Books of 2014

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